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Full Version: BMW RULES
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1: All posts must be in english (any thread without english language will be deleted)
2: DO NOT POST Links on the Board! Links must be attached in a text file.
3: DO NOT post e-mail addresses on the Board (Will be deleted and send warning)
4: DO NOT send PM's to the Members , about Licenses, Keys, Activations, Keygens or for similar things.
5: DO NOT POST Pornographic content! (Image, Text, Video, Links, Passwords, etc...);
6: Advertising is not permitted without the consent of the administration.
7: If you have an issue with a member, PM a moderator or admin (Any racist, bigotry or discriminating posts will not be tolerated)
8:If you want to say THANK YOU specially for this there is a button +THANKS
9: Double post will be deleted without notification, and double posting without answer is allowed after 24h if you don't see any replly.
10: Ibited the use of nicknames containing insults or not bearing semantic value (xyxws0k). Warning.
11: Avatars and signatures that offend decency, or may give rise to offence, will be removed immediately.
12: Religious Threads are NOT allowed.
13: Prohibited profanity
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